'BORDER FLOWS' is a documentary short looking at the complex transnational issue of cross border pollution in the Tijuana River Valley Watershed and its impact on community members on either side of the border. The film highlights the environmental crisis of cross border pollution, while juxtaposing the rigidity of the US-Mexican border wall with the fluidity of water and air pollution. Walls are permeable, infiltrated by flowing groundwater beneath our feet, a shared atmosphere above our heads, and the movement of culture that seeps through the cracks of our borders. 'BORDER FLOWS' tackles this complex socio-environmental issue through a cultural lens, highlighting the cooperation between US and Mexican community members, politicians, and cultures to create solutions to this pressing issue.

Special thanks to:


Serge Dedina & the City of Imperial Beach, Paloma Aguirre, Arturo Angeles, Yolanda Morales, Vivian Marquez, Bethany Case, Shannon Johnson & Surfrider San Deigo, Sarah Giddings, Kim Prather, Matt Pendergraft, Daniel Petras & Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Manny Rodriguez, Magdelena Baez, Margarita Diaz & CBTIS 146, Anna Lucia Lopez & Climate Kids Mexico, Climate Science Alliance, Josh Hill & the Poseidon Academy, Marcello Jiminez, Amber Craig, Anne Sittman & U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Fay Crevoshay & Wild Coast, Sandra Cowan, Alyson Santoro, the Gormans, Daniel Brittain, and Rachel Oster

Directed: Brendan Byrne

Shot: Brendan Byrne & Alex Gorman

Sound: Vladen Ponomar

Edited: Brendan Byrne

Produced: Brendan Byrne & Manny Rodriguez

Map Animation: Kennon Fleisher

Music: Andrew Bird

Spanish Translation: Pablo Robles